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About us

We’re a social media marketing company focused on B2B business development, recruitment and strategic networking. Everything we do is based on the same concept of relationship building and achieving influence. And where’s better to start than social media?

We have some areas of specific focus including:

Social media research – to find people our clients want to communicate with, including

  • Influencers such as journalists, bloggers or other media influencers
  • M&A targets
  • Prospective new customers
  • Potential new recruits

Contact-building for individuals – for business development, recruitment or strategic networking, such as

  • The accounting firm partner we helped meet over 20 potential clients
  • The Chief Executive we helped make a career move into private equity
  • The CFO we helped recruit a new finance manager
  • The chairman we helped initiate conversations with acquisition targets

Community-building – for business development, recruitment or strategic networking, such as

  • The law firm for whom we built an employment law community of 3,000+ HR professionals
  • The marketing consultancy for whom we built a 10,000+ community of marketing managers
  • The accounting firm for whom we built a talent pool of 3,000+ tax professionals

Our five values provide the framework for how we do business at Social Media Search. They guide us in everything we do – from key business decisions to day-to-day activities. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our communities.

  • We are deliberately different in everything we do.
  • We are externally focused. We share everything we know and look outside our business for the best ideas.
  • We are totally transparent and honest in everything that we do.
  • We aim to be right first time, all the time.
  • We constantly strive to be better and better by seeking feedback and constantly assessing the value of everything we do.
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