LinkedIn Profile Pictures – What Not To Use

LinkedIn Profile Pictures – What Not To Use

LInkedIn Profile PicturesLinkedIn Profile Pictures – What Not To Use

Here at Social Media Search, one of core services is LinkedIn profile optimisation. We want to make sure our clients’ profiles appear engaging to potential prospects. Some of the things we look at include:

– Professional headline – does it describe what you do?
– Profile URL – is it customised to make sure you appear more quickly in a Google search?
– Summary – Is it written in 1st person and not full of jargon?

However, there is one aspect of a profile which someone looks at first – your profile picture. Your profile picture matters if you want to be taken seriously, whether you’re a senior executive or a small business owner.

During my time here at Social Media Search, I have done A LOT of searches on LinkedIn and it still amazes me how many people use really bad (and hilarious) photographs. Users have to remember that LinkedIn is a professional network, and their profile will probably be viewed on a daily basis by recruiters, clients, future and present employers. Here are some of the bad examples:

1. Selfies. Big no-no! Especially those involving a mobile phone and a mirror:

LinkedIn Profile Picture

2. Over the top, wacky. My personal favourite was a guy who had gummy bears stuck to his face (unfortunately, I can’t remember his name!). But I think this guy sums up what I mean:

LinkedIn profile pic

3. Partially naked, too much flesh on show. Let’s face it – it’s not exactly appropriate for a professional network is it?

LinkedIn Profile picture

4. Party pictures. I have known clients who have refused to contact someone for having a glass of wine in their hand. Pictures like that should be kept for Facebook.


5. No photo. Possibly worse than not having any photo. People want to be able to put a face to a name.

LinkedIn Profile Picture

I would suggest choosing a picture which makes you look approachable. A clear, current and simple photograph with a pleasant smile should do the trick. A good profile picture will entice someone to view your profile (for the right reasons) and more importantly, make them more likely to connect with you.

If you are interesting in optimising your LinkedIn profile, check out our handy LinkedIn guide – The password is helpwithlinkedin.

Siobhan graduated in 2011 from Glasgow Caledonian University with a BA Hons Marketing. Long lies, Gran Canaria, and sparkly things make Siobhan happy. Her ideal Saturday morning is spent catching up with her favourite shows – Criminal Minds, The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy and TOWIE (Siobhan’s guilty pleasure – let’s not judge).

Get in touch at or on 07718250618

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